Fairhope Brewing Company

It started with a mutual love of beer and the same resounding question: Why isn’t there a local craft brewery in Lower Alabama? We all asked it, and while others may sit around and bemoan the answer, we decided to do something about it. That was way back in the year 2012, and while we didn’t know it at the time, that one question would lead to the adventure of a lifetime for a bunch of beer geeks (parading as lawyers and journalists) who were simply looking to slake the thirsts of beer lovers along the Gulf Coast.


I bought this 325 about 10 years ago. It was not running and was partially dismantled, the head was removed and the valves were all loose. Crankshaft endplay was 1/4 inch . The entire machine was covered in heavy rust, Pretty sad looking sight. I think it ended it’s life under some very severe working conditions.
So after a complete rebuild it now runs like a charm. I only use it on weekends sort of thing…. in my home shop…so I’m sure it will outlast me.
One thing that really impresses me is the smoothness and quietness when running, that mass of cast iron can really absorb the vibrations.
Any one have any idea when this machine was manufactured? I’m guessing the mid 70’s.
Thanks Everyone.

Quincy around the world for over 70 years!

Advertising in Reader’s Digest Magazine December 1942 (Look for the other pic with the cover)
Quincy was the first in designing an air compressor that combine modern design with state of the art mechanicals. Radiation surface has been increased in 12%. Lubrication is more complete and efficient.
Quincy Compressor builds exclusively air compressors. For over 20 years this policy of specialization has contribute to make the “Quincy” name a symbol of effective and safe air supply.
Eighty nine important OEMs include Quincy compressors in their own products to provide service around the world.
Complete selection of air cooled air compressors, single and double stage and water cooled single stage air compressors. All type of mounting, with or without tank. Ask for descriptive brochures. QUINCY COMPRESSOR CO, Export Dept. S3. P.O. Box 183, Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A. Cable: FABEX

Buenos Aires – Casa Stewart, Córdoba 2100
Montevideo – A. Manzione, Minas 1499
Santiago – A. Montero y Cia, S.A. Casilla 312
Sao Paulo – H.J. Chazen & Cia, Rua Joao Briccola 10
Maracaibo – Daniel E. Rincón, Apartado No 93
Guayaquil – Arosamena Hnos, Casilla 921
México, D.F. – Pedro Calderón, Abraham González 33 y 35
Monterrey – Pedro Calderón, Hidalgo Pte 213
Panamá – Tropical Paint Co, Inc, P.O. Box Ancon, C.Z.
San Juan – General Farm Equipment Co, P.O. Box 288
Madrid – Mr. F.A. Ronstadt, García de Paredes 76
Habana – Cia. Petrolera Imperial Cubalu, S.A. Luyano y Porvenir