The Story Behind my Quincy 325 Compressor

I was originally looking at purchasing a Quincy QT-5 5HP 80 gallon vertical compressor, but came across this QR-25 Series 325 compressor by accident. I was inquiring about some woodworking equipment and a compressor that was coming up on a local cabinet shop auction. I was informed that the compressor in theat shop was not going to be on the auction, however….the auction company had informed me that they had a 5HP 80 gallon vertical compressor at there warehouse that they would give me a good deal on. I had inquired some information as to what brand and model it was, and they were not 100% for sure of the make, but they said the pump had Quincy and 325 stamped on the serial badge. And so the story begins….

QSI-500 Delight

Steven Couzzo, a facilities maintenance engineer for GKN Aerospace Monitor, Inc. contacted us to provide his delight with our Quincy Compressor products. He shares his story below. Steven states he’s worked for this company for 16 years, since December 1998, during which he’s maintained the central system equipment. “One of the first projects I performed for my company was