Classic Compressor still blowing at 74

Mr. Thompson purchased a model 308 at an estate sale and paid $100 for it.

When he got it home, it would only go to 15 psig. He found Zorn from our website and Zorn told him the compressor was a 1939-1940 vintage compressor and the tank nameplate confirmed this, the tank was tested in 1940.

Zorn helped determine that the 308 just needed new valves and that the valves were still available (this is 2014—74 years later). With the help of Tim, Zorn’s service manager they got the 1940 vintage 308 up and running and Mr. Thompson is using his classic 74 year old compressor to provide air to tools that help restore vintage vehicles. As Mr. Thompson says “it is fitting that a classic compressor helps restore classic vehicles”.

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