Dam air improvements

Tom Dobbs, Abbott Supply, came to Quincy Compressor with an interesting dilemma and application.

The Clarence Cannon Dam had two three stage compressors from another brand that supplied air for air over oil, and the oil was for the turbines at the Dam. This is a critical application and if the turbines loose lubrication and seize up the Dam stops producing electricity. Kevin Long, US Corps of Engineers, wanted to replace the two high pressure compressors from another brand.

Tom Dobbs worked with Quincy Compressor personnel to quote a 340HP QR-25 compressor that has the internal components of the Quincy QRNG natural gas booster, and the 340HP will take atmospheric inlet air or shop air regulated from 115 psig to 25 psig. The other brandĀ compressors did not run long enough to get up to operating temperature and moisture collected in the oil causing sludge. The 340HP compressors were sized so that this would not happen and Abbott Supply installed air dryers for both the shop air and the high pressure air.

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