QTV54 Appreciation

Henry Gradowski from Elsberry, MO purchased a QTV54 reciprocating air compressor for his personal shop in 2012.  He shares his Quincy Story below.

In 1991, I started attending the Tin Dusters Fall Color Run. In 1992, a family member was lucky enough and very grateful to have won the giveaway compressor that year. Things kinda trickled down and I purchased his old Campbell Hausfeld compressor. It served the purpose, but gave out after a few years. All this time I’ve been doing my work without one. Then in June 2012, I purchased one from Farm and Home Supply in Pittsfield, IL. 

Before I did I looked at all the brands out there, The Quincy Compressor came out on top. 

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Warranty
  3. Great Reputation
  4. Sponsors, of The Fall Color Run

So, with my new compressor I’ll be able to finish up my latest project and once again attend The Tin Dusters Fall Color Run. 

P.S. Thanks to all your employees for making such a fine product. 



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