Quincy air compressors

On October 28,2016 which was my birthday I purchase a new compressor from Brehob compressors a Quincy QT-54 5hp 60gal. 2 stage. The following Sunday wire 220v to breaker box with 30amp breaker, ran it for one hour break in period under no load everything was just fine. The following Wednesday pickup an EWK-2 kit for extended warranty along with an hour meter, installed hour meter Friday it was an easy hookup, I would suggest to install an hour meter for maintenance schedules, installed a regulator and filter in line to monitor inline pressures. Research air compressors for a few years and decided on Quincy. “MADE IN AMERICA”  quite happy with air compressor would suggest to anyone looking for a compressor check out Quincy glad I did, you will be too!!!



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